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About This Project

For the last ~4 years, I've worked at Apple's media agency OMD, in partnership with Apple's long-standing creative agency, TBWA\Media Arts Lab. I initially started as a Supervisor on the Apple International Team, specializing in Paid Social, covering all Apple lines of business for the Latin American (LATAM) markets (Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil), and leading a few of their global briefs (ex: Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Arcade). Mid-2020, I started transitioning to the Apple US Media Team covering iPhone, iPad, and Today @ Apple, making it official in 2021 with an Associate Director title. In late 2022, I was promoted to the Director title, and now lead Paid Social / Digital efforts for all Apple lines of business. 


While unable to share some of the more tactical details of the campaigns I've worked on, below is a compilation of press articles highlighting some of the most exciting / iconic campaigns I've had the honor of working on during my time with Apple.


(Click Images Linked Directly to Each Article) 

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