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About This Project

In 2016/2017 I was an Account Manager at Vendo Commerce (known as Conversion Systems at the time). As the primary account manager for Awake Chocolate, I was responsible for leading the digital E-Commerce strategy for their website re-design project, and working as an intermediary between the clients, their branding agency, and our team of designers and developers.



Awake Chocolate came to the agency because they were primarily selling their product in retail stores, but wanted to start building a cohesive E-Commerce strategy.

Awake Chocolate had one collection on a US site, one collection on a Canadian site, and two landing pages aimed at their two separate product lines (chocolate and granola). Their E-Commerce solutions were cluttered, confusing for consumers, and hosted on multiple platforms; Therefore, they tasked us with creating one approach to address all of their customers in a consistent way.

As their primary account manager, I worked with their brand agency to develop a cohesive website that looked and functioned the same across their two key markets (US + Canada). The site would geo-target traffic to offer customers in each country the content that was applicable to them (different product offerings and packaging) without requiring any additional steps for the consumer. We also provided the clients with a conversion rate optimization strategy to help them get the most out of their E-Commerce platform, such as launching a subscribe and save program, streamlining the path to key product information and 'add to cart' functionality, and creating shop-able site elements like Instagram and blog posts.


Baked within their website experience, Awake Chocolate wanted us to find a clever approach to managing all their University Ambassadors.


One of the pinnacles of their brand culture was the connection to their college student demographic. They asked us to find a unique way to feature these ambassadors on their Shopify site, with a primary goal of infusing and strengthening their consumer / brand connection with this key audience. 

With that in mind, we designed an Ambassador platform where college students could see themselves featured and connect with other students at their university already working with the brand. If their school was not listed, we created an application so that they could start their own program. Each ambassador had their own special profile with photos, a bio, fun brand-centric Q/A and social media icons.

We made this section of the site easy for the client to update through simple plug and play blog posts, which were editable without the need for a developer, making this an easy and robust solution for the client.

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