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About This Project

During my time at Vendo Commerce (known as Conversion Systems at the time) 2016/2017, I was the lead account manager and digital strategist on the Full Circle Home account. My role on this team was to oversee all work produced for this client, which included the launch of one of their new products (optimized landing page design with paid media support), and their full E-Commerce website re-platforming and design process. For both of these projects, I oversaw a team of designers, developers, and media planners, ensuring all work was completed with E-Commerce UX best practices at the forefront. 


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Goal 3 - Strategic UX Through Thoughtful UI:

Lastly, my team infused our expetise to ensure we created a better E-Commerce user experience through strategic design optimized towards conversions. In order to achieve this, we made a few critical changes, such as:


The client originally had two separate brands (Full Circle Home, and Creo), build on two different platforms (Magento and Squarespace). Our first goal was to merge their brands and re-platform them onto 1 cohesive Shopify site. In order to create this seamless transition, we performed a high level data migration from their Magento and Squarespace stores, to their new Shopify platform. I oversaw this full process for them, with checks in place in order to ensure they wouldn't lose any product info, customer data, or important content.

Goal 2 - Improved & Simplified Client Content Management System (CMS):

While building out the new site, we were asked to ensure the site had a functional backend where the client could customize elements of their site easily without requiring a developer. Their previous websites were very developer heavy, and they wanted to move to a more manageable process. Our team developed most of the site utilizing custom theme elements where the client could easily go into the site on their own and change images or copy wherever they'd like without needing a developer.


Full Circle Home was looking to for a more robust and seamless E-Commerce (front end) user experience for their customers, and a more convenient (back end) content management experience for themselves. The clients worked with my team to accomplish 3 separate goals:

2. Consolidated their brand-centric copy from 5 separate pages to 2, while only highlighting the information that provided the most value to the customer


3. Performed an audit on their content library, and chose brand-centric imagery that highlighted the quality of the products and the brand


4. Featured more of this brand imagery on the homepage and throughout the site to highlight their quality content


5. Optimized their product collection pages to make the customer experience of finding the right product effortless

Goal 1 - Merge Brands & Re-Platform:

6. Restructured the product detail page with an emphasis on product images and variants, to help customers quickly and easily choose the product they want, while making the add to cart button more obvious and clean

The end result was a 1x cohesive, modern, user-friendly site that contributed to an increase in E-Commerce sales and enabled clients to make updates to critical elements on their own without developer help.

1. Restructured their navigation to shorten the path to purchase

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