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About This Project

In 2018 I was the Media Supervisor at Neo@Ogilvy, the media agency tasked with bringing Korean Air's 'Go Korean' brand campaign to life. The objective of the campaign was to spread awareness of Korean Air's brand pillars (Beauty, Food, and Quality) across millennial audiences in the United States, and spark excitement for travel in a few of their key destination cities. Through my position at the ad agency, I led the media strategy across digital touch points, initiating custom content programs with premium publishers (like Refinery29, CondeNast, and Buzzfeed), and launching the brand's first ever programmatic initiative. 




In partnership with Korean Airlines, Refinery29 sent their fashion editor to 3 of Korean Airlines' top travel destinations - Seoul, Bangkok, and Shanghai. Here, they filmed content for '60 Second Cities', a series that follows "Annie Georgia Greenberg as she explores the world's most vibrant cultural and culinary centers—all in 60 seconds, of course".


From proposal to execution, I oversaw this entire project from the media side including overall strategy, acting as intermediary between client and media partner, managing client feedback / expectations, promotion of content post-launch, and ultimately final reporting.

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To compliment the 60 Second Cities series, I also worked with Refinery29 to create guides which highlighted some of the unique shopping experiences in Korean Air's 3x key destination cities of Seoul, Beijing, and Bangkok. Whether readers were interested in high fashion, street fashion, books, vintage treasures, home goods, or specialty shops, this series offered something for all of the brand's key demographic audiences, showcasing how Korean Air could provide them with a luxury travel experience to exciting new destinations. 

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  • ​The primary objective of this campaign was to grow awareness of Korean Air in the US Market / specific key cities with routes to the top Korean Air destinations, with display and video assets, depicting the pillar themes of Quality, Food, and general Brand advocacy. 

  • The goal for media was to drive traffic to the Korean Air content hub and inspire the brand's three key target customer groups to “Go Korean” in their future travels.

  • Before launching any media, we conducted an in-depth industry, market, and competitive analysis, presented to senior client teams.

  • Once we had a strong understanding of the media landscape, we generated an ad distribution strategy utilizing publisher inventory that was premium, 100% viewable, and brand safe.

  • Programmatic partners 'The Trade Desk (TTD)' and 'Adara' were chosen for these campaigns due to their expertise in the programmatic and travel industry markets, respectively. Although the campaign with TTD initially launched with a solely PMP strategy to distribute content across premium publishers only, our proposal to open the buy to the Open Marketplace allowed the platform to scale the campaign and truly target the precise Korean Air customers in the selected DMAs wherever they were online.

  • While unable to share results, the campaign was a success and became a cornerstone digital channel for the brand.

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