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About This Project

From 2014 - 2015 I had the exciting opportunity to work as the Marketing Director for Carlson Wireless Technologies, a small tech company doing big things in the Wireless Internet space, partnering with Google (article), Microsoft (article), and Facebook (article) alike with the mission of helping to share internet connectivity with those in remote / rural areas around the world.




One of my most critical tasks as the Marketing Director, was determining the most financially relevant markets for their exciting new technology, a radio which taps into the potential of 'TV White Space'. After months of research, I was able to create exclusive content (such as white papers, one sheeters, pricing calculators, etc) for customers in each of these prospective markets, directed towards each stage along the marketing funnel (Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, and Advocacy).


I then implemented analytics tools to track which content on the website was the most interesting to each target consumer group and led to the highest conversion rates. I also used this research to determine custom targeting for paid social and search campaigns. Throughout this project, I made it my priority to gain a strong understanding of their consumers, and develop content they could truly immerse themselves in.




During this time, I also designed the marketing strategy for an equity crowdfunding campaign project, which helped the company raise over $1 Million USD. I spent months researching the most successful crowdfunding campaign strategies, then I put together a marketing guide that detailed each stage along the process from organizing company paperwork, to choosing the right platforms, pre-launch prep, every facet of digital promotion, networking, launch strategy, then finally post-launch promotion.


Below is the video for this campaign. This video describes the TV White Space technology behind the RuralConnect radio and its potential impact on the globally connected shared knowledge economy. The intention of this video was to inform a global audience of the technology, and to drive interest in the Crowdfunding campaign for the final stages of product development.

I acted as Art Director / Project Manager for this video: I created the storyboard, wrote the copy, and helped to direct the individuals in the short film. I collaborated with Runaway Kite (Malcolm DeSoto) on this project, who was responsible for actually filming, designing the motion graphics, and producing the video.



My primary goal as the Social Media Manager was to share information about the company’s newest product, their RuralConnect TV White Space Radio. This B2B startup company had a very niche community / group of followers since the technology was still in its R&D phase, and by nature the individuals who needed this product lacked convenient high-speed Internet access. Therefore, I was tasked with creating a strategy for social media that shared the updates of this company’s success with it’s small yet dedicated follower base.


As the digital voice of the company, I established a professional tone that spoke from a cultural and political standpoint in order to position them as a leader and influencer in the industry. Below are screenshot examples of the types of posts I would share to inform their following, while keeping the tone light and readable (minimal use of technical jargon for less-advanced consumers). With this in mind, I created a Social Media Content schedule with a focus on sharing a varied mix of interesting articles, graphics, videos, milestones and behind the scenes photos to relate to followers, keep them engaged / coming back for more, and ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

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As a large part of my role was generating sales leads by educating new audiences on the potential of 'TV White Space' technology, I created graphics that served the purpose of spreading awareness and explaining complicated concepts to non-industry or less tech-savvy consumers. While there was also technical white papers for more experienced customers, these graphics were visually captivating and helped propel our top of the funnel marketing efforts. 

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I wrote about 1 blog post a month for the company, which typically involved research, coordination with the sales team, and occasional graphic design. Here is a small sample of posts:

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